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The EchoBay Expert answers important reader questions on how to get a loan with the right terms and lowest rate. You'll find advice on home loans, mortgage refinancing, new and used car loans, motorcycle loans and auto refinancing.

  Mortgage Refinancing
  Important mortgage refinancing questions are answered to ease the refinance process.... all articles
   What mortgage refinance fees shouldn't be paid
   Finding the best mortgage refinancing companies
   Calculating mortgage refinancing breakeven points
   Where to find the best mortgage refinance rates
   How to compare mortgage refinance rates from lenders
  All Mortgage Refinancing Questions

  Home Equity Loans
  Getting cash with a home equity loan can be your cheapest way to borrow money... all articles
   Using a home equity loan to pay off a mortgage
   The best home equity loan rates - loan or line of credit?
   No income verification home equity loans rates
   Is a balloon home equity loan a bad decision?
   The most money home equity loan lenders will give you
  All Home Equity Loan Questions

  Auto Refinancing
  Many readers want to know how to take advantage of this "free" auto refinancing money... all articles
   How to get approved for a low auto refinance loan rates
   Learning about the auto refinance loan process
   Will I be approved for a bad credit auto refinance loan?
   Determining if auto refinancing is worth the effort
   Why refinancing a car loan with low rates makes sense
  All Auto Refinancing Questions
  Home Loans
  With home ownership at all time highs, home loan questions are in demand... all articles
   Increase the odds of getting a home loan with bad credit
   Getting approved for the largest loan size
   Choosing between low rate vs. low cost home loans
   ARM rate adjustments and interest rate caps
   Reviewing no doc and low doc loans
  All Home Loan Questions

  Auto Loans
  The tips you need to not get taken advantage of when searching for an auto loan... all articles
   Getting person to person auto loans
   Picking when auto loan interest rates will be lowest
   Getting a new car loan at a dealer - Wise?
   How to get the best online auto loan
   Leasing a car vs. buying
  All Vehicle Loan Questions

  Motorcycle Loans
  Information on being approved for bad credit motorcycle loans and lender interest rates... all articles
   Getting bad credit motorcycle loans
   Motorcycle loan rates at different lenders

  All Motorcycle Loan Questions

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30 Yr Fixed 5.78%
15 Yr Fixed 5.39%
1 Yr ARM 4.80%
WSJ Prime 6.50%
Fed Funds 3.50%


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