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  Auto Refinancing Loans
 Myth busted: Refinancing a car loan is easier than a home
It's a little known fact that refinancing a car loan is many times faster, simpler and usually with no cost, unlike refinancing a home loan. You probably won't have to visit your lender and the process can be completed in a few days... more

Car refinancing loans 101. The basics
Most car owners do not know that car refinancing exists and can lower their payments. Here's how it works... more
Does my car or truck qualify for an auto refinancing loan?
While most daily driver cars will qualify for an auto refinancing loan, some exceptions may prevent you from being approved... more
Auto refinance companies. A comparison of loan rates
Loan rates you'll be quoted from various auto refinance companies can differ by several percentage points... more
Tips to get the best auto refinance loan rates
From submitting your loan payment electronically to getting an online auto refinance loan, there are ways to save... more
Why refinancing an already low auto loan rate makes sense
That low rate auto loan the dealer gave you may not be saving you the most money. An auto refinance loan may save you more... more
Determining if auto refinancing will save you money
The auto refinancing decision may not be as simple as deciding to get a lower rate. Other factors such as loan length are important... more
 • Making the auto refinance decision. A free online loan guide
 • 6 pitfalls to avoid when refinancing your auto loan
 • How to refinance an auto loan with bad credit
 • Why auto refinancing is critical today
 • The 5 steps to approval for online auto refinance loans

  Auto Refinance Advice
  The car refinance process is not as well known as mortgage refinancing. Here's information you can increase your knowledge with.
 • The effort needed for an auto refinancing loan
 • Will I be approved for a bad credit auto refinance loan?
 • Choosing which auto refinance loan companies to contact
 • Learning about the auto refinance loan process
 • Applying for an auto refinance loan vs. mortgage
 • Determining if auto refinancing is worth the effort
 • What to avoid when getting an auto refinance loan
 • Is an auto refinance loan for a pre-computed loan wise?
 • What cars are eligible for autor loan refinancing

  Auto Refinancing Interest Rates
  The EchoBay Expert answers your questions to steer you in the right direction before applying for an auto refinance loan.
 • How to get approved for low auto refinance loan rates
 • Why refinancing a car loan with low rates makes sense
 • Fixed rate vs. variable rate auto refinance loans
Avg. National Rates
30 Yr Fixed 5.78%
15 Yr Fixed 5.39%
1 Yr ARM 4.80%
WSJ Prime 6.50%
Fed Funds 3.50%


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