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  Home Loan Advice To Save You Money
 What size house can you afford with current mortgage rates?
You're ready to make an offer on your dream house but your aren't sure what size home loan you can get from a lender. We've made it easy for you to figure out how big of a mortgage you'll qualify for... more

Choosing your best home mortgage financing option
The choices of different types of home loans are endless but this guide will steer you in the right direction for the best loan... more
How to pay low or no closing costs for a home mortgage loan
Closing costs can add up to many $1,000's of dollars but there are ways you can reduce or eliminate these expenses... more
Are interest only loans your best mortgage choice?
The lure of low home mortgage rates with interest only loans can be enticing but there are potential downsides... more
Adjustable rate mortgages - FAQs & information
When interest rates begin to rise, the cheapest way to get a home loan is with an adjustable rate mortgage... more
Getting home loans with bad credit. A survival manual
These days being approved for a home loan with bad credit is not mission impossible. You just need to know the process... more
Advantages of an online mortgage lender
You may be comfortable with your local bank or credit union, but they lose out to online home loan lenders in many ways... more
 • Where will my home mortgage interest rates be on closing day?
 • How to compare home mortgage rates for your loan
 • How a loan's APR can make the best mortgage rates look bad
 • 9 critical tips to get the lowest home mortgage interest rates
 • Why you shouldn't enroll in a bi-weekly mortgage payment plan
 • Meeting jumbo loans requirements for your home mortgage
 • Second mortgage loans - Maximizing their benefits
 • The adjustable rate mortgage - How ARMs work
 • Negotiate for the best home mortgage loans terms. Here's how
 • The advantages a mortgage interest tax deduction gives you
 • How Low Doc and No Doc loans could be your savior
 • ARM loans vs. fixed rate home loans - Helping you decide
 • PMI vs. the Piggyback loan
 • Pre-approved home loans vs. pre-qualified home loans
 • Lenders to avoid for your first time home buyer loan

  Home Loan Interest Rates
  You may be paying a home loan interest rate for 30 years so the EchoBay Expert doesn't want you to make a mistake.
 • Are interest only loans good or bad?
 • How to compare different home mortgage rate quotes
 • Getting out of an interest only loan
 • Choosing between low rate vs. low cost home loans
 • Not getting locked into a high home mortgage rate
 • Using a mortgage interest tax deduction
 • ARM rate adjustments and interest rate caps
  Different Home Mortgage Options
  No doubt you'll need to compare different home loan mortgages during your loan search. Here's some information to help you decide.
 • Pre-approved home loan vs. pre-qualified home loan
 • Reviewing no doc and low doc loans
 • Differences between adjustable rate mortgages (ARMs)

  Home Mortgage Advice
  With endless home mortgage loan options available, information is your key to getting into the correct home loan.
 • Home mortgage loan terms that should be negotiated
 • No closing cost loans: Fact or fairy tale?
 • The best home mortgage financing option
 • Increase the odds of getting a home loan with bad credit
 • Getting approved for the largest loan size
 • Are bi-weekly mortgage payment plans necessary?
 • Finding a lender for a bad credit home loan
 • Successfully getting a first time home buyer loan
 • Positives and negatives of online mortgage lenders
 • Pros and cons of jumbo loans
Avg. National Rates
30 Yr Fixed 5.78%
15 Yr Fixed 5.39%
1 Yr ARM 4.80%
WSJ Prime 6.50%
Fed Funds 3.50%


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