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  Mortgage Refinancing Strategies
 How to get the lowest mortgage refinance rate
By knowing how to get even a slightly better mortgage refinancing interest rate, you could save thousands of dollars over the life of your home loan. Here's some tips to get a better loan... more

Top five home loan refinancing mistakes to avoid
If you're in a rush to lock in interest rates while they're low, you'll want to avoid these home loan refinancing errors... more
Where to find the best mortgage refinance rates
With 1,000's of lenders all saying they have the best mortgage refinance rates, they all can't be equal... more
Should I refinance my home today?
Many variables can effect your refinancing decision such as how long you'll live in your house, rates and payment savings... more
Beyond rates. Other reasons to refinance home mortgage loans
A lower monthly loan payment may not be the most important benefit when you refinance your home mortgage loan... more
How to be approved for refinancing with bad credit
The good news is you own your home and can use it as collateral. There are a few things you can do to lower your rate... more
5 tips for hassle free home refinancing
The home refinancing process can be stressful but there are things you can do to make it less time-consuming and easier... more
 • Making an accurate refinance rates comparison
 • Don't reduce your payment with low mortgage refinance rates!
 • Which mortgage refinancing companies have the best rates?
 • Tips to cut home refinancing costs
 • Is mortgage refinance approval possible with poor credit?
 • Does no closing costs mortgage refinancing exist?
 • Most powerful reasons why home refinancing may benefit you
 • Why not to refinance mortgage loans
 • What mortgage refinance costs will I be charged?
 • Cash out refinance vs. home equity loan. Making the choice

  Mortgage Refinance Interest Rates
  To most home owners, the most important part of a mortgage refinancing loan is getting a good rate to have the lowest payment.
 • How to compare mortgage refinance rates from lenders
 • Paying off a loan early with low refinance rates
 • Where to find the best mortgage refinance rates
 • More reasons than rates to do a mortgage refinance
 • Mortgage refinance interest rate lock periods
  Mortgage Refinancing Alerts
  You may find that a refinance home loan may not save you the money you expected. This information may help you to avoid mistakes.
 • Potential downsides of a cash out refinance
 • When not to get a home refinancing loan

  Home Refinancing Advice
  Knowing how and when to refinance a home loan will give you the knowledge to find a loan that fits your financial situation and goals.
 • Fact or fiction: "No closing costs mortgage refinancing"
 • Getting a bad credit mortgage refinance with a low FICO
 • Deciding when home refinancing should be done
 • Should your current lender refinance your home loan?
 • What lenders can't do with bad credit refinance loans
 • How to keep home loan refinancing costs down
 • Getting lender approval for bad credit refinancing
 • Important house refinancing information
 • Finding the best mortgage refinancing companies
 • Understanding Section 32 Mortgages
 • Deciding if mortgage refinancing should be done
 • Calculating mortgage refinancing breakeven points
 • What mortgage refinance fees shouldn't be paid

Avg. National Rates
30 Yr Fixed 5.78%
15 Yr Fixed 5.39%
1 Yr ARM 4.80%
WSJ Prime 6.50%
Fed Funds 3.50%


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