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 Which car can you afford with a new auto loan?
If you stretch out the term of your new car loan to ten years, you may be driving a new Ferrari but you'll also be paying an incredible amount of interest on your loan. Here's some guidelines to help you decide what car you can comfortably afford... more

Where to find the lowest auto loan rates
Your local car dealer shouldn't be the first place you look to find the lowest auto loan rates. In fact it should be the last... more
Auto financing 101 - Getting a car loan
Wow, has car loan lending changed since you last bought your car 4 years ago! Here's loan tips for beginners or pros... more
Top 8 mistakes not to make when negotiating an auto loan
Car salespeople improve their sales pitch every day to get buyers to pay a higher auto loan rate. Here's how to fight back... more
How an online motorcycle loan helps you throttle the dealer
You know your bike dealer is going to hammer you with a high interest rate. An online motorcycle loan also prevents other problems... more
Auto financing options for your car loan
Banks are no longer your only option to find auto financing for your next car loan. There are many other loan options... more
How to be approved for bad credit car loans
Knowing how to get your finances in shape and where to apply for a bad credit car loan is part of the battle to get your new car... more

 • 0% car financing may not be right for you. Here's why
 • How to drive away with a low auto loan interest rate
 • The best time to get low new or used car loan rates
 • Where to find the best motorcycle loan rates
 • Is a new car loan or used car loan your best option?
 • How to get the best online auto loan
 • Pros and cons of using a home equity loan to buy a car
 • How an online car loan gives you power at the auto dealer
 • Person to person auto loans - What you need to know
 • How to beat a car dealer when negotiating an auto loan
 • Why the lowest car loan payment may not be your best option
 • Why it's critical to have an auto loan before car shopping
 • How to decide if a loan for a car lease buyout makes sense
 • Is gap insurance necessary for your auto loan?
 • Getting bad credit motorcycle loans without road rash
 • Motorcycle financing options for bike loans
 • Top 3 factors that effect your auto financing payments
 • Choosing between a low interest rate car loan or a cash rebate
 • Should I buy a car with an auto loan or lease it?
 • Sidestep bad auto loan deals with these 5 easy tips
 • Don't get run over with a long new car loan
 • How to avoid or get out of an upside down car loan
 • Steer clear of bad motorcycle loan deals with these 7 tips
 • Terms to avoid in your new or used car loan contract

  Auto Loan Interest Rates
  These ideas will help you get the best rates from car dealers, online auto loan lenders or credit unions while meeting your financial lifestyle.
 • Factors that will effect your auto loan interest rate
 • Where to apply for the lowest auto loan rates
 • The truth about 0% auto financing
 • Motorcycle loan rates at different lenders
 • Picking when auto loan interest rates will be lowest
 • Where are the best auto loan interest rates?
 • Are auto loan interest rates low enough today?
 • Times of the year for the lowest car loan interest rates
  Car Loan Decisions
  There is usually more than one choice you need to make when getting an auto loan. These guides help you pick between car loans.
 • New car loan vs. used car loan
 • Cash back financing or low interest rate car loan?
 • Leasing a car vs. buying

  Vehicle Loan Advice
  Here's information you can use while shopping for a car loan or motorcycle loan to help you navigate the loan process.
 • Getting an auto loan 101
 • How to get out of a car loan
 • How to win car loan negotiations at the dealer
 • Using a home equity loan instead of a used car loan
 • How to bail out of an upside down car loan
 • Purchasing a car with a car lease buyout
 • Getting bad credit motorcycle loans
 • Adding extra payments to reduce interest expense
 • Benefits of auto GAP insurance
 • Getting person to person auto loans
 • How to get the best online auto loan
 • Deciding how big of a car loan you'll qualify for
 • Getting a new car loan at a dealer - Wise?
 • How to get a better auto loan at a dealer
 • Having a car loan before entering a dealer
 • Avoiding long term car financing contracts
Avg. National Rates
30 Yr Fixed 5.78%
15 Yr Fixed 5.39%
1 Yr ARM 4.80%
WSJ Prime 6.50%
Fed Funds 3.50%


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